Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ruby Red Slippers Lesson Plan

Grade: K- 1

Title: Ruby Red Slippers

Objective: Knowledge: The students learn that there are many different shades of red. They learn that shoes can become sculptural.

Skill: The students learn how to mix various shades of red. They learn how to explore sculpture elements.

Attitude: The students learn to appreciate the color red and creating sculpture from shoes.

Prepare Ahead: Go to a thrift store and buy kids' shoes, gesso them. Make Ruby Red Slipper Money. Have the Wizard of Oz clip ready.

Motivation: Questions Leading to Discovery: Explain to the children they are going to see a clip from a movie about famous red shoes. Show the clip, now explain that they will be going to the "Ruby Red Slipper Shoe Store" to create their own ruby red slippers. For fair distribution of shoes, I created "Ruby Red Slipper Shoe Store" by placing a pair of shoes at each seat. Explain to the children that this is a magical shoe store where each customer will be given one ruby red slipper dollar. This dollar will allow them to purchase a pair of shoes. They will walk around the store and when they have found a pair they like they will seat down at that spot. The number of customers in the store is up to the teacher.

Demonstration: Have a pair of gessoed kids' shoes ready as well as a red palette. The palette consists of cadmium red medium, cadmium red maroon, white, and black paint. Begin mixing different shades of red. Explain that you are exploring all the possibilities of the color red. Begin to apply the paint to the shoes. Explain that the next class time they will have a chance to add different materials to the shoes.

Visual Aides: Movie clip from the Wizard of Oz.

Activity: The students will make ruby red slippers by painting hem various shades of red. Once the paint has dried they can add various materials to the shoes, which should be different shades of red. Finally they will add glitter to the shoes.

Supplies: Gessoed kid's shoes, cadmium red medium, cadmium red maroon, black, and white paint, cups of water, paint brushes, glue, hot glue gun, jewels, feathers, ribbons, fabric, paper, string, glitter, and scissors.

Closure: Ask the children where their magical ruby red slippers will take them. If they could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Ask them how many shades of red they created.

NAEA Standards: Content Standards 1 Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes. Content Standard 2 Using knowledge of structures and functions. Content Standard 5 Reflecting upon and assessing the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others.

Assessment/Evaluation: The lesson is successful when the students have created sculptural ruby red slippers by mixing various shades of red and applying various materials to the shoes.

Interdisciplinary Connection: Have students write where their ruby red slippers could take them.